A little media-distancing might help us too

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    A little media-distancing might help us too

    Speaking of precautions, there’s a difference between being informed and being inundated, the latter of which, as we’ve seen, can lead to paralysis or panic (hello, toilet paper apocalypse). Though they’re seemingly opposite forces, these extreme responses are equally destructive.

    First, . Being glued to the media might give us the illusion of being more prepared, but the prolonged stress from round-the-clock stories and disturbing images can actually lower our immune system responses, making us less prepared than ever.

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the info overload is already wreaking havoc on your emotional and physical well-being. It’s a clue that your sympathetic nervous system — aka your fight-or-flight response — is activated and working overtime.

    For now, maybe adopt Tim Ferriss’ “low-information diet.” Get only the intel you need and nothing more. An hour-by-hour rundown of each new death, economic dip, or supply shortage isn’t necessary. Press the power-off button, take a deep breath, and return to equilibrium.

    Stay calm for the benefit of your loved ones, who may follow your example.