Stealing 91 husband and wife from China for a long time

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Stealing 91 husband and wife from China for a long time

By the time my mom got the all-clear to return home, I was struck by the warmth of each worker we encountered. It was a far cry from the type of treatment I was used to: swift, efficient, a little bit flat, almost like we were inconveniencing the doctors with our very existence.

During this visit, each staff member spoke to us in a calm, friendly manner. They asked us multiple times if we needed anything. They explained each procedure in detail. They smiled — a lot. No one has ever offered me a sandwich at the hospital before, but it happened this time.

Geez, I thought, does it really take a pandemic to remind us of our natural instincts?

A crisis brings out the worst in us, but it can bring out the best in us too. Check up on your neighbors, shop in consideration of others, reach out to a friend in need.

Smile more than you normally do, wave at strangers, and leave kindness in your wake wherever you go. We all have the potential to create a ripple effect and keep it going — long after the coronavirus.

Hilary Idette is an editor for Greatist and a certified yoga instructor. When she’s not working, she can be found in nature with her two dogs (6 feet away from others, of course), on a yoga mat, or planning her next travel adventure (for when the coronavirus is over).